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Our FHAs

...Are All About Relationships. 

Coordinator L.Williams & Client M.Laguna Photo

Our FHA programs help individuals build relationships and participate in the daily activities of neighborhood and family life – the key to our programs’ continued success.  The individuals we serve not only receive the support they need, but they benefit from the meaningful relationship that forms between them and their Mentor, a relationship that’s based on personal connections, a caring commitment and mutual respect.

A Great Match Leads to a Successful Relationship. 

California MENTOR’s FHA programs start with a highly personalized matching process.  We take the time to get to know the needs and interests of the individuals we serve as well as the personalities and strengths of our Mentor families to establish just the right fit.  The goal is not “making a placement” but “making a match” and that match provides the foundation for a lasting and mutually rewarding relationship.

At California MENTOR our family homes provide a comfortable and caring alternative to traditional residential care facilities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Since each person we serve is unique we work with our Mentors to deliver services that are just as unique – meeting the preferences and abilities of each individual we serve.  

We invite you to learn more about our FHA programs by clicking on the FHA Programs tab or contacting the FHA office nearest you.

Regional Center Referrals

To refer an individual for services, contact the Program Manager at the nearest California MENTOR FHA office.

Become a Mentor

Share your home, skills, talents and compassion with people who will enrich your life as much or more than you do theirs.  If you would like to learn more about becoming a Mentor, contact us today.