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Why Us?

Experience, Quality and Support

If you've ever thought about making a difference in someone's life, California MENTOR's FHA program is the place to start.  We are one of the most experienced Family Home Agencies in the state and our programs have successfully served hundreds of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilties. 

Our Mentors Can Count on our Support

Our staff is knowledgeble, compassionate and dedicated to the individuals we serve and the Mentors we partner with. We're committed to supporting our Mentors in any way we can - whether through home visits and additional skill development or just being there to listen.  Our Mentors can count on all members of our staff - from coordinators to program managers - and we'll be there to respond, to care and to help whenever a Mentor family needs support.

Below you'll see just some of the ways we're here for our Mentors and the benefits you'll receive by becoming one of them. 


Be a Mentor